OnPoint Storytelling

Welcome to the new generation of media production! We care about meaningful content.
That’s why we care about how media is created.

Our Values


Did you know that the German media industry is far from being representative of the people who live there? We promote diversity in our storytelling, within our team, and with the people that we work with.


Our protagonists are not just subjects for our content. They are collaborators working together with us.


Did you know that one hour of film production equals the CO2-emissions of the average EU citizen? Not with us. We aim at making our productions as green as possible – and with green, we don’t mean greenwashing.

Currently, we are working on building up the foundations of OnPoint Storytelling, including scientifically evaluated sustainability guidelines - stay tuned!

What we do


Mainly character-driven, emotionally stirring documentaries, with a focus on social problems.


Touching stories edited for print and multimedia.


In-depth audio reportages and informative podcasts.

Get in touch

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or if you would like to propose a collaboration, please get in touch. contact@onpoint-storytelling.com

About us

Philipp und Olivia

Philipp Lippert Co-Founder

Philipp is a trained radio & TV journalist as well as a filmmaker. Some of his former clients include the foreign studios of ARD and ZDF in London, the pan-European TV channel Euronews and Westdeutscher Rundfunk. He studied Journalism in Dortmund and Aarhus as well as Documentary Filmmaking in London.

Phil’s Website

Olivia Samnick Co-Founder

Olivia is a trained magazine journalist, writer and filmmaker. She hosts a podcast and is a fellow of the European Journalism Observatory. Olivia studied Media and Communications in Passau, Journalism and Communications in Hamburg, as well as Documentary Filmmaking in Aarhus.

Olivia's Website